Secures a new quality patent: Ready to take Industry 4.0 to the seabed

Within this controlled environment the additive manufacturing take place. Photo: Kongsberg Ferrotech

Kongsberg Ferrotech grants a new patent from the UK patent office and continue to build a strong family of patents. This new grant enables the company to roll-out advanced 3D-printing as a repair method of underwater assets across the energy and maritime sector.

Kongsberg Ferrotech will implement 3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, in an Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IMR) robot called Nautilus. Nautilus offers modern robot technology within a controlled environment, enabling advanced repairs on the seabed without production shut down.

One step ahead

– This is fantastic. For the first time, our advanced 3D-printing technology is being supported and verified for use in demanding ocean spaces. With this grant, we go one step ahead in enabling additive manufacturing as a repair method of underwater installations across the energy and maritime sector, says Christopher Carlsen, CEO at Kongsberg Ferrotech.

– By combining our robotic systems with advanced 3D printing capabilities, we can reduce the costs, delivery time, and the carbon footprint of advanced offshore maintenance activities, Carlsen adds.

Kongsberg Ferrotech have already established a digitally controlled repair methodology using carbon fibre. The possibility of combining additive manufacturing with the efficiency of composite materials opens a wide range of applications and methods.

Innovative and disruptive technologies

– This is a milestone for Kongsberg Ferrotech, and also a milestone in our quest to revolutionize the energy and maritime industry by innovative and disruptive technologies, says Torgeir Bræin, CTO at Kongsberg Ferrotech.

– The patented concept is viable for all types of additive manufacturing techniques and for a wide range of substrate materials. The idea is to use additive manufacturing to print new applications and as a repair methodology. For the latter, our cost-effective robotic system will enable extended lifetime and better material qualities, Bræin adds.

To date, Kongsberg Ferrotech have secured a wide range of different patents. Several of them are granted in various places and markets around the globe.

The additive manufacturing technology will be integrated in Kongsberg Ferrotech’s existing range of subsea robots, the Oktapous and Nautilus range, and also for new versions currently being developed.

Want to know more?

Please contact Kongsberg Ferrotech for a demonstration of how the technology works and how this can be used for your applications.

In 2021 Kongsberg Ferrotech joined forces with Equinor, SINTEF, and Gassco to develop advanced 3D printing technologies for in situ, metal2metal repairs of subsea equipment. The results will be presented later this year. Read more here.