Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Oktapous, Nautilus, and Exoskeleton are remotely operated robots for inspection, repair, and maintenance of underwater installations from the spray-zone to the seabed. Kongsberg Ferrotech have developed the robots and offers inspection and repair services of offshore assets in demanding ocean spaces. When you select a Kongsberg Ferrotech service, you get a reliable and future-oriented solution with increased efficiency at a fraction of today’s costs. Stakeholders can participate from their working place or using a smart phone and visualize real-time while the robots are performing the entire procedures.

Oktapous, Nautilus, and Exoskeleton and the technology behind them, introduce robotics as a complete solution for service operations. By introducing robotics to inspection, repair, and maintenance of underwater installations; repairs will be carried out with minimum HSE requirements, costs will be reduced drastically, weather conditions will no longer be a challenging obstacle, and repair procedures can be performed immediately after inspection. 

Increased operational efficiency

Oktapous and Nautilus, are designed with automated underwater habitats and all operations are performed in a digitally control environment. For the first time, inspection and repairs of subsea assets can be carried out in one single operation and without remotely operated vehicles, divers, and other vessel-supported equipment. Service operations of assets such as subsea pipelines, offshore wind structures, and subsea cables can therefore be performed without any production shutdown or asset downtime. 

Today, services operations with traditional inspection and repair methods can take several weeks. With Kongsberg Ferrotech’s solutions these operations can be carried out in halve of the time. By introducing advanced robotics to inspection and repair of underwater installations, service operations can be performed with less time and resources. 

Substantial cost savings

Underwater interventions today, are hazardous and expensive. Kongsberg Ferrotech’s advanced robotics opens completely new ways of conducting inspection and repair of subsea assets. By performing services operations in less time, with less resources, and without the need of any downtime or production shutdown; Kongsberg Ferrotech’s robotic solutions reduces operational costs by 30-50 percent. By choosing a robotic solution that implements topside solutions to a controlled underwater habitat, you’re not only reducing the costs significantly, but you also get the opportunity to build your own underwater workshop with a whole new set of tools. 

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