Kongsberg Ferrotech is continuously looking for a wide range of partners that share our strong interest in new cost-efficient pipeline maintenance technologies. Together with our partners, we strive to reach mutual goals and develop strong, long-term relationships that will enable us to innovate and improve the industry.

Oil and Gas Producers (asset owners)

Kongsberg Ferrotech invites asset owners to take part in the development of our modern technologies that possesses seamless and proactive inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of subsea assets. We are currently in a collaborative partnership agreement with the Malaysian-based oil and gas company, Petronas. The direct involvement with Petronas emphasizes the strong interest and advantages that new cost-efficient pipeline IRM-technologies bring to the industry. By cooperating with a wide range of asset owners we believe that we can implement maintenance technologies for subsea assets which will revolutionize how the industry conducts IRM-operations. We tailor our technology and solutions to your specific needs. We are currently looking for:

• Development partners

• Test partners

Service Providers

Kongsberg Ferrotech aims at partnering up with local service providers in different countries and regions. This will allow local service providers access to a growing market in the oil and gas industry and innovative technologies that are able to deliver modern offshore IRM-services. Service providers may combine our technologies with complementing technologies and solutions. Together with potential partners we analyze diverse partnership agreements to ensure a sold partnership. For instance:

• Joint venture partnerships

• Robot leasing partnerships

• Robot leasing with crew partnerships

We are convinced that the key to success is to partner with strong local providers with local market access and a proven track record in the offshore business. A successful long-term partnership will benefit both parties and be the basis for similar partnerships to other geographical areas.

Financial Investors

We welcome financial investors, private investors and venture capital funds, to participate in improving pipeline IRM-technologies for an already existing billion-market in need of cost reduction. Our mission is to develop cost-effective technologies that are capable of solving challenges related to maintenance and repair of subsea assets. We believe that our patented technologies will revolutionize how inspection, maintenance, and repair of subsea equipment will be conducted in near future. In order to expand our business, we aim at partnering up with local service providers in different geographical areas and within different markets to ensure a scalable business model.