Kongsberg Ferrotech Joins Hacking 4 Allies for Global Innovation

In an exciting development highlighting our commitment to innovation and global collaboration, Kongsberg Ferrotech has been selected to join the prestigious Hacking 4 Allies (H4A) program.

Pioneering Innovation in Defense and Security

This initiative, organized by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and Innovation Norway, will bring together Kongsberg Ferrotech and seven other companies onto the international stage. The program seeks to foster partnerships and encourage technological progress within the defense and security sectors.

Our strategic vision in Hacking 4 Allies

Hacking 4 Allies is a gateway to enter the American defense market. The program aligns perfectly with our vision for innovation and collaboration. This will not only facilitate valuable networking opportunities but also provide a fertile ground for us to demonstrate our capabilities to a wider audience, says Torgeir Bræin, CTO of Kongsberg Ferrotech.

Transforming Shipside IRM Processes

H4A serves as a significant entry point to this emerging market, as it aims to integrate Norwegian businesses into the American military sector. This initiative provides a platform to connect with influential stakeholders and build valuable partnerships. Torgeir Bræin explains, “Our strategic involvement in H4A is centered upon our technology solution, ready to enhance the efficiency of shipside IRM processes, reducing docking periods and minimizing the need for divers.

The shipside inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) solution.

About Hacking 4 Allies

Hacking 4 Allies serves as an accelerator initiative crafted to facilitate Norwegian startups and scaleups in discovering avenues for expansion within both the U.S. and Norwegian dual-use markets. The program facilitates important connections between selected companies and operational challenges in both Norway and the United States. This ensures that our technological solutions are tailored to meet the evolving demands of a larger allied marketplace.

The program is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and its Defense Attaché Office in Washington, DC, the Norwegian General Consulate in San Francisco, IN-San Francisco, and the DC-based Norwegian-American Defense Industry Council (NADIC). Hacking 4 Allies also has strong support from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi).