Oktapous as a digital tool

Industrial digitalization within the oil and gas industry presents new and innovative ways of collecting, storing, and analyzing data that creates and deliver new value to customers. Fully controlled IRM-operations of subsea pipes with access to real-time and historic inspection and repair data will boost efficiency by cost reductions and safe life time extension. Through condition based maintenance the customer will reduce production downtime and improve reliability.

Collecting, storing, and analyzing relevant data from IRM-operations of subsea pipes creates and deliver new value to customers

Kongsberg Ferrotech responds to the chase of efficiency by integrating digital solutions into autonomous IRM-operations of subsea pipes. This will enhance the customer’s knowledge, safety, and cost-efficiency and contribute to the transition into a complete digital oilfield. 

Digital monitoring of subsea pipes condition

When you select an Oktapous service you get a digital solution. Detailed data from subsea pipes inspection and maintenance operations will be stored digitally and form the basis for repair decisions and documentation of the repair. In addition to the reports, the customer will have access to the digital data for analysis and maintenance predictions.

A processed overview of the subsea pipe condition will increase productivity and ensure longer maintenance intervals

Kongsberg Ferrotech is in the process of developing a digital representation of the subsea pipes to assist our customers in predicting riser degradation and scheduling planned maintenance. Methods currently worked on are corrosion modelling, big data analysis, pattern recognition etc. These methods will primarily be applied on a pipe by pipe basis. However it is believed that a large set of pipe data as basis for the modelling and big data analysis will improve the modelling and analysis. By having access to a continuously growing data base, different pipes, materials, environmental conditions etc., Kongsberg Ferrotech will be able to offer a uniqe subsea pipe prediction service. 

Value Added

  • Easy access to real-time and more accurate historic data

  • Measure trends and secure improved predictions with a global database

  • Reduced HSE risk - less offshore crew, moving manpower onshore

  • Reduced down-time through long-term maintenance planning

  • Predictive and condition based maintenance programs

  • Moving towards the transition of a complete digital oilfield